About Us

With over 32 years of combined experience, when it comes to Dr. Joe and Dr. Tom Tessendorf’s philosophy it’s quite simple and straight forward. The body is very powerful. All of its parts must be in proper place and smoothly working together in order to function properly. The human being, like any other species is designed to be healthy, vibrant, and enjoy life to its fullest. We want to help those around us do just that. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 day old, or 100 years old, Chiropractic is for everyone. Our greatest pride is in providing specific, customized care to each individual to achieve your health goals. We look forward to creating a healthy and vibrant community here in Northern Idaho.

Wellness Care for Hayden

Here at Tessendorf Family Chiropractic we pride ourselves in providing excellent care, with a knowledgeable staff, with an “at home” feeling where everyone feels welcome. We place your health, as well as your loved ones health, as our number one priority. With a variety of techniques and educational tools we are thrilled to change lives one person at a time!

We are Community Driven

Our Mission

Provide Highly Effective Techniques with a Feel "At Home" Comfort